Ravel Gas Stove

The Ravel Stove is a stunning addition to any open fireplace. Based on the proven under-log burner system of the highly successful Ravel gas fire.

Discover the gas stove version from Pendle Stoves, where crisp and clean lines meet lightweight aluminum extrusion for a sleek design. Engineered to perfection, this stove is compatible with Class 1, Class 2, and precast flues,* offering versatility for various installations. Experience the magic of our unique burner system, allowing you to adjust the flame to low while maintaining an impressive flame effect. Elevate your space with Pendle Stoves’ gas stove, combining style and performance seamlessly.

Gas Consumption & Installation

Heat Input (High)
4.25 KW
Heat Input (Low)
2.6 KW
Heat Output (High)
3.1 KW
Heat Output (Low)
1.8 KW

Energy Labelling Information