Ravel 400T BF Gas Stove

The hugely successful Ravel 400 gas stoves will now be available as Balanced Flue versions. Both the 400C and 400T models can now be installed into a property with no chimney.

Balanced Flue

Discover Pendle Stoves’ latest offerings, embodying all the advantages of the renowned Ravel gas fire range. Experience the realism of under-log burners and a turndown function that maintains the flame picture even on low settings. For an authentic chimney installation aesthetic, consider the optional false vertical flue kit. Complete your setup with the Asti 750 Chamber Suite, available as a comprehensive package. Elevate your space with Pendle Stoves’ exceptional products.

Gas Consumption & Installation

Heat Input (High)
4.0 KW
Heat Input (Low)
2.7 KW
Heat Output (High)
3.0 KW
Heat Output (Low)
1.9 KW

Energy Labelling Information