Montese (Cadiz Suite)

The Montese is a stunning fire that will enhance any living room.

Radiant full depth open fronted

Introducing the Montese by Pendle Stoves, an authentic coal effect gas fire that prioritizes realism above all else. With a wide selection of trims offered by Wildfire, you can set the perfect mood for your room, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. Available with both pebble and coal fuel bed options, the Montese delivers impressive radiant heat output. Choose between manual and slide control for added convenience. Elevate your space with the Montese by Pendle Stoves and experience the perfect blend of authenticity and comfort.

Gas Consumption

Heat Input (High)
6.75 KW
Heat Output (High)
3.4 KW

Energy Labelling Information


Heat Input (Low)
3.5 KW
Heat Output (Low)
1.6 KW