HE950L (Seville Suite)

The new HE950L (STD & PCF) is the perfect appliance to bring your fireplace to life.

Glass fronted HE Suite

Similar to its predecessor, the HE900, the HE950L seamlessly fits into your standard 16” x 22” builders opening, or precast flue if the PCF version is selected. Say goodbye to extensive building work, messy installations, and costly renovations. Your home’s structure remains untouched, yet you’ll enjoy the luxury of a landscape large-format gas fire adorned with beautifully crafted logs and vibrant dancing flames. Consult your retailer for a variety of fireplace design options available with the HE950L—they’ll help you find the perfect suite to complement the style of your living room.

Gas Consumption

Heat Input (High)
6.9 KW
Heat Output (High)
4.6 KW

Energy Labelling Information


Heat Input (Low)
3.0 KW
Heat Output (Low)
1.9 KW