Ravel 400T Gas Stove

The Ravel 400T gas stove is a beautiful timeless addition to any room. The product features all the benefits of the proven Ravel burner system.

Asti 750 Chamber Suite

Introducing the Pendle Stoves’ Ravel 400T, where effortless control meets timeless aesthetics. Designed with a lightweight aluminum casting, it boasts crisp lines that enhance any space. Experience unparalleled realism with under-log burners and a unique turndown feature, ensuring a lifelike flame picture even on low settings. Like its predecessor, the Ravel 400C, it seamlessly fits into Class 1, Class 2, and precast flues,* offering versatility in installation. Plus, stay tuned for the balanced flue model, available from Winter 2023. Complete your setup with the Asti Chamber Suite, offering various designs including charcoal or olive waterfall slate, staggered black or oyster slate, and a range of brick or limestone options. For more information, consult your nearest retailer.

Gas Consumption & Installation

Heat Input (High)
4.25 KW
Heat Input (Low)
2.6 KW
Heat Output (High)
3.1 KW
Heat Output (Low)
1.8 KW

Energy Labelling Information