Solstice 5WS – PED

Pendle Stoves presents the Solstice 5WS - a DEFRA-exempt wood burning stove for urban use.

Efficiency rating of 75.2%

The Solstice 5WS – PED wood burning stove, DEFRA-exempt for smoke control areas, ensures safe and legal operation in major UK towns and cities. It emits one-tenth the level of comparable DEFRA-exempt stoves and boasts an impressive 75.2% efficiency. The elegant pedestal elevates the stove’s design.

Product Data

Heat Range
3.5kW – 7kW

Nominal Heat Output

NET Efficiency

Overall size
992mm H x 471mm W x 510mm D x 450mm Diameter

Distance to Combustibles
Rear 200mm (100mm if using an insulated flue) Sides 400mm