Solstice 5WS/LS

Introducing the Solstice 5WS/LS wood burning stove, the perfect solution for those seeking warmth and ambiance in smoke control areas.

Efficiency rating of 75.2%

Enjoy peace of mind with the Solstice 5WS/LS, which is DEFRA exempt for use in all major UK towns and cities. Its minimal emissions are one-tenth the allowed level, ensuring a clean and environmentally friendly burn. Stay warm and cozy with an efficiency rating of 75.2%, maximizing heat output while minimizing fuel consumption. Store your firewood conveniently and replenish your stove effortlessly with the spacious log store beneath.

Product Data

Heat Range
3.5kW – 7kW

Nominal Heat Output

NET Efficiency

Overall size
992mm H x 471mm W x 510mm D x 450mm Diameter

Distance to Combustibles
Rear 200mm (100mm if using an insulated flue) Sides 400mm