Sanctuary 5WS

Transform your home with the eco-friendly Sanctuary 5WS wood-burning stove by Pendle Stoves. Experience warmth and style.

Efficiency rating of 86.4%

Introducing the Sanctuary 5WS wood-burning stove by Pendle Stoves, DEFRA exempt for use in smoke control areas, ensuring safe and legal operation in major towns and cities across the UK. With minimal emissions, one-tenth of comparable DEFRA exempt stoves, and an impressive efficiency rating of 86.4%, it’s an eco-friendly choice for any home. Shown here with brass door furniture and trim, steel is also available as an option. Experience warmth, efficiency, and style with the Sanctuary 5WS by Pendle Stoves.

Product Data

Heat Range
3.5kW – 7kW

Nominal Heat Output

NET Efficiency

Overall size
660mm H x 480mm W x 390mm D

Distance to Combustibles
Rear 200mm (100mm if using an insulated flue) Sides 400mm

Available Colour options

Black with Silver Furniture
Silver with Silver Furniture
Atlantic Blue with Silver Furniture
Sage Green with Silver Furniture
Parchment with Silver Furniture
Autumn Leaf with Silver Furniture
Black with Brass Furniture
Silver with Brass Furniture
Atlantic Blue with Brass Furniture
Sage Green with Brass Furniture
Parchment with Brass Furniture
Autumn Leaf with Brass Furniture