Ceralis (Salerno Suite)

The Ceralis is a powerful slimline appliance that will fit into all flue types. A spacer is also available to enable it to be fitted into shallow precast flues.

Radiant slimline open fronted

Experience the realism of the fuel bed and the powerful flame picture of the Wildfire Ceralis—a top choice when flue restrictions narrow your fire options. Available in manual and slide control, with both coal and pebble fuel bed options, the Ceralis offers versatility to suit your preferences. Its slimline design makes it a stunning choice for precast flues, ensuring it stands out as the first choice. Explore our brochure for the full range of trim options and elevate your space with the Ceralis by Pendle Stoves.

Gas Consumption

Heat Input (High)
6.75 KW
Heat Output (High)
3.5 KW

Energy Labelling Information


Heat Input (Low)
3.5 KW
Heat Output (Low)
1.7 KW