Ravel 550 HE Contemporary

The Ravel 550 log fire is a revolutionary product.

Emelia Micro Marble Suite

At Pendle Stoves, we present the Ravel 550, a stunning wide-format gas appliance that combines the allure of a European fireplace with the convenience of fitting into a standard 16′ x 22′ chimney opening. Featuring under-log burners, the Ravel 550 delivers an exceptionally realistic flame picture. Its unique turndown feature allows you to turn off the rear burners independently, maintaining the ambiance of a cozy fire even on low settings. Unlike traditional appliances of this size, the Ravel 550 requires minimal building work. Simply install it into the designated opening with a back panel featuring specific opening sizes and a 75mm rebate. For added comfort, the Ravel 550 comes standard with a slide control, providing effortless adjustment of the flame height. Contact your local Pendle Stoves dealer today for full details and to experience the unparalleled warmth and ambiance of the Ravel 550.

Gas Consumption & Installation

Heat Input (High)
3.7 KW
Heat Input (Low)
2.9 KW
Heat Output (High)
3.6 KW
Heat Output (Low)
2.1 KW

Energy Labelling Information