Smart Bell 65/60

  • Closed gas fireplace
  • Existing and new situations
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Low installation depth
  • Standard MagniFire incl. Mood lighting and Eco Wave
  • Realistic fire
  • Premium Green Neoceram glass
  • No control box required
  • Optional powerful fan
  • Optional wifi module
  • Various sizes and frames


Fuel Gas fire
Certificates CE
Model Insert (existing situation)
Burner MagniFire
Fire view Frontal
Weight (kg) 61
Output (kW) 2-5
Convection casing Option
Convection ventilator no
Natural gas yes
Propane yes
Butane yes
Natural gas rate [m3/hr] 0.66
Gas rate – propane/butane [gr/hr] 440