Room Divider Medium 3

Three sided appliance

  • Balanced flue built-in gas fire
  • Different designs
  • Double Burner
  • Different interiors
  • Remote control (thermostatic)
  • Different decoration
  • Patented safety system
  • Polished glass
  • Choice smoke outlet: 100-150 or 130-200 mm.
  • Off-centre connecting point
  • Possibility to install as a suspended fireplace
  • Dimensions: Large and Medium


Fuel Gas fire
Certificates CE
Model Built-in (new situation)
Burner Line Fire, Centre Fire
Fire view Three-sided
Weight (kg) 116
Output (kW) 3-8
Convection casing Option
Convection ventilator no
Double burner yes
Natural gas yes
Propane yes
Butane yes
Efficiency natural gas (%) 85
Efficiency propane/butane (%) 85
Natural gas rate [m3/hr] 1.09
Gas rate – propane/butane [gr/hr] 700
Combustion system – closed yes
Combustion system – open no