Installation of your Wood Burning Stove

We can undertake all aspects of your installation including all building and construction work, decorative linings for fire chambers, supply and installation of suitable hearth materials, supply and installation of a choice of wooden beam styles, false chimney breasts, plastering and all types of flue systems. All work is undertaken by our teams of GAS SAFE andHETAS qualified engineers.

There are many guidelines and regulations that must be adhered to when installing a multi-fuel or wood burning stove.  To safely achieve the greatest efficiency, each installation must be carefully considered. We can advise on all aspects, from appliance size to aesthetic contemplations.

Line it…..

If you have an old chimney it’s best practice to line it. The liner creates a direct and even channel between the wood burner and the top of the chimney, which means soot and tar have less uneven surfaces to stick to. Any soot or tar that is created is much more likely to fall back into the burner to be re-combusted. In an unlined chimney, this soot often causes a blockage at the flue pipe. Lining the chimney also ensures there’s no leakage from the chimney during the life of the wood burner, which could otherwise be a risk in an old house.

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