Brief history

Fireplace Showroom Pendle Stoves 2 Burnley started off as a market-oriented town and is located in Lancashire, England. It has held market for over 700 years and through strategic policies, has achieved a healthy manufacturing sector. It was awarded the Most Enterprising Area in the United Kingdom award in the year 2013. The name Burnley is widely believed to be derived from “Brun Lea” which means “meadow by the River Brun.”

Burnley Town has an area of 7.3 square miles (18.9 square kilometers) and boasts a population in the range of 81,548 people. A recently opened train line has made Burnley more widely accessible and convenient. Last year, a vetted study determined Burnley had the best House Price Index on average in the United Kingdom. Burnley has also been a prime spot to make profits by flipping a house. This is the practice of buying run-down properties at a low price, making improvements and selling them at a markup.

Availability of houses for sale, a high demand for housing, outside and local investment has supported the boom in the landlord niche. Affordable prices draw some level of immigration to the relatively small town as well. This has the disadvantage that it further congests an already saturated economic climate. Demand has driven up prices as well and there seems to be no end in sight to that. There have been ambitious plans by the government to expand housing but they have run into problems and no feasible solution is on the ground as yet.


Housing prices range from the low to high end. The Average Asking Price to buy a house stands at about 127, 443 GBP while rentals vary according to rental agreements and areas. Rental supply is well covered by estate agents, online information, and other advertising media. Mortgages on properties are generally lower than rent in Burnley and there are several financing options available.

Housing styles

The most popular housing style in Burnley is terracing, with a little over half of all available housing stock done in this design. Terraced housing has many advantages that include but are not limited to;


They occupy less ground space and this factors into buying or rental costs positively. They save money while still giving optimal utility.

Easier maintenance

They are compact and keeping up standards of hygiene is a much easier task than it would be for larger properties. Tidying up is also be much easier.

Encourages high levels of socializing. When shared, the smaller terraced housing can teach vital people skills as you have to learn to live in close proximity to others.

Terraces offer a measure of privacy while still giving the benefits of being outdoors.

Enhanced security

Due to the close proximity to neighbors and the fact that people know who is and isn’t familiar, a terraced neighborhood is that much more secure than more remote larger areas.


Terraced houses offer high utility while enabling those in lower income brackets to acquire decent housing. They are vital in areas such as Burnley where the population is substantial and growing at a faster pace than housing stock.

Home improvements

A substantial portion of the properties is also sub-standard. This means that new owners have to make the requisite upgrades to any property that they acquire. Improvements can be done in levels from the basic to the aesthetic. A trend that has strongly caught on in this sector is fireplaces.

Fireplaces in Burnley have become a focal trend. They provide a homely look in the house, offer heat and light. They are widely used to increase the market value of a flipped house. Burnley has a wide range of fireplace retailers and wholesalers. They offer designs that can be custom-fit to complement all house interiors. There are also after-sales services such as fireplace installation and maintenance.

Fireplaces in Burnley are highly customizable. With a wide range of finishing and detailing available, they can be tailor-made into works of art. You can also choose between wood, gas or electric fires depending on financial ability. Fireplaces in Burnley can also be Bell or Infinity fires. This endless list of customization options means that a new occupant can have the fireplace of their dreams!

In conclusion, no matter the motivation, fireplaces in Burnley are a good investment. They augur well with the weather and can add that special touch that transforms a house into a home. For flipping properties, it can be used to increase profit margins. This makes fireplaces in Burnley essential.