Seasonalise Your Setting

As the autumn fast approaches and the barbeque goes back into the shed for another nine months, it’s always a good idea to revamp your living space with a touch of the season. Here in Burnley we are all too familiar with the sinking feeling the second a snowflake is spotted knowing getting in and out of the town is going to take a toll on your blood pressure. But not to worry. There are plenty of ways you can enhance your haven with a few simple improvements that’ll make you look forward to the nights in more than the nights out.

Horticultural Enhancement

With Burnley’s breathtaking views of rolling hillsides and winding waterways, it’s easy to take inspiration from the outside and bring it in. Plants around the home can bring a sense of vitality and spaciousness while improving air quality.

Having plants in your living space is scientifically proven to reduce stress making you feel more productive and we could all do with a bit of productivity when the days are shorter and the chilly morning rush hour doesn’t seem as appealing as your bed.

Indoor plants don’t need a lot of maintenance but if you’re really not keen on having to fit in five minutes a week to water them go for rubber plants or cacti. They need very little attention and will pretty much survive on their own no matter where you put them.

Reflect the regal

Burnley has always had a history of grand houses and stately halls. From the famous Townley hall to Hoghton tower, Burnley is steeped in a remarkable past that are etched into the buildings that remain. While these lavish manors may be a little out of your price range a statement piece mirror can bring a room from drab to decadent.

Mirrors brighten rooms in the way they reflect light into corners that are otherwise neglected and can be styled with any décor. Whether they’re an ornate accessory over the fireplace or adding a little more light to the master bedroom there is a mirror to fit every room. This makes them a decorative piece of wall art you simply can’t go wrong with. What you have on your walls is going to affect the overall colour scheme and design of your room so choose carefully and coordinate your cushions and accessories with your wall paper or art.

Turn up the heat

A way in which you can keep the north western winds far from your cosy cave is the perfect fireplace. Not only does it bring a real feeling of warmth and romance to a room, it is a room feature with a courtly character. Whether you prefer a modern corner stove with dimming features or a classic log burner to banish the winter blues, there is a fireplace that will fit right into your interior.

While they were once the focal point of any room and still are in many of Burnley’s stately buildings including Gawthorpe Hall, they are now a comfy addition to any abode without taking up your entire living room. There’s nothing better than snuggling down in fluffy pyjamas with a glass of red wine watching crackling flames while the seasons roar from the window.

So whether you’re home is in need of an influx of ambiance or you’re just tired of clicking your heating on all winter long, a fireplace is an investment that you won’t regret.

A leafy lick of paint

Autumn is the season of burnt oranges, mellow yellows and warm red hues. If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration Burnley has plenty of parks that come alive at this time of year. Thompson Park is a great place to get a taste for the charm of autumn if you’re looking to switch up your palette and give your room a new lick of paint.

A feature wall with a bold turmeric tone will instantly spice up any space and get you out the habit of settling for the beige.

If your bedroom is lacking that sensual zest, a striking burgundy behind the bed board will have a dimming effect on the lights and showcase your creativity in a sophisticated manner.

While the common consensus is that darker paint can shrink a room, a feature wall seemingly enlarges a smaller space creating a dynamic depth of drama. You can experiment with textures and prints with bolder colour schemes allowing more room for imagination and inventiveness.

So, as the nights get longer and the days close in you’re probably going to end up spending a little more time in the comfort of your four walls so why not give them a little loving and revamp them for the upcoming season. Whether you’re just thinking of adding a few extra cushions on the couch or going for a whole new look, inspiration is never far from your window and there are plenty of places to explore in and around Burnley if the back garden isn’t quite doing it for you.