5 Ways to weave the Wow-factor into your Blackburn home

View Bell S. 3 Are you looking for a way to enhance your home in Blackburn without breaking the bank? There are plenty of ways you can inject a little life into your living space whether you’re thinking of knocking down a few walls or simply repainting them.

With Blackburn’s esteemed industrial heritage, once being known as the ‘weaving capital of the world’ it’s historical housing and stately buildings have remained at the heart of this North western town centuries later. From the many Tudor manors such as Turton Tower and Rufford Old Hall, architectural artistry has decorated the peaks of the Pennines for centuries. You too can create your own regal residence whether you’re moving into your first family home or renovating a Georgian gem.

It’s all in the planning

A good place to start is to decide how big or small you want to go with a revamping of your residence. If you’re looking to completely redesign your interior, make sure you plan and prepare. Get creative with a mood board or download Pinterest if you’re not into the whole cutting and gluing.

While it can be a fun process check out as many designs as possible and steal inspiration from everything and anything. Blackburn is full of leafy parks and nature trials if you’re looking to bring the seasonal sensations into your home this coming autumn.

Attention grabbing and arty adding

Make sure you choose a statement feature in each room that you want to be the focal point of your design. This can be anything from an abstract art canvas or an intricately designed coffee table. Use this when considering textures and patterns ensuring they coordinate well with your central piece. If it’s an old house you’re renovating it will probably already have one of these whether it be a grand fireplace or the lavish lamp shade, you can work around it to bring out it’s beauty by combining it with the contemporary.

Interweaving styles and patterns are a great way to create a modern twist in a stately home. Be brave with bold and play with the palettes. Redesigning is all about self-expression so follow your instincts and try different things.

Homely House warmers

Oakdale 5kwLike many of the historical halls around Blackburn, the fireplace is the heart of a home, from a luxurious log burner to a crackling corner stove. While once being the main source of warmth for many homes for centuries they have now become a way of bringing a flavour of romance into any room. Coming in all kinds of styles, there will surely be one that will work with your design. Many renovations across Blackburn have shown these cosy components to be making a comeback in all their glory, sending golden glows into living rooms and lounges alike.

As the hub for heat in the home fireplaces were first developed in the 17th century. With Blackburn’s own East Risslesden Hall sporting an immense ornate fireplace with classical columns and oak frames they were once the grandest feature of any house.

While the classical wide hearths and huge panelling may not quite fit into your interior there are now a range of contemporary designs that will send amber illuminations into any abode. From remote control electrical fireplaces to energy efficient gas stoves you can change the entire ambience of a room by adding a flickering flame and a subtle source of warmth.


Become a fan of open plan

If you’re looking to modernise your home and create a more spacious airy feel a great way to go is open plan. This fairly new design is not set to go out of fashion anytime soon with its fresh finish and variety. Take care when planning to knock down walls and speak to an advisor on which ones you are able to remove without your bedroom falling into the kitchen.

Open plan will give you more creativity in breaking up rooms with bookcases or Japanese screens. Having the impression of more space in your home will allow you to use bolder prints and wall paint without shrinking a room.

While Islands are a tasteful touch to any open plan kitchen, a wrap around lounge suit will help you structure your living room and give you a starting point for your design. It will also help to circulate heat throughout the home more efficiently and prevent the feeling of stuffiness accumulating.

Spice up your space

There’s nothing like a good changeup of your living space as a new season approaches to give you a new lease for life and freshen up your routine. If you’re stuck for inspiration there’s plenty of places in and around Blackburn whether you’re looking for a new autumnal colour scheme in the windswept parks or some ornamental grandeur in the historic houses.